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Personnel Policies and Procedures Board

Members (Term)
Art Lawrence, Chair (Elected, 2014-2017)
Joyce Skypeck, Vice Chair (Elected, 2012-2015)
Jim Palermo, Clerk (Elected, 2014-2016)
Janet Cain, Finance Committee Liaison
Elizabeth Moulton, Select Board Liaison

Mailing Address
210 College Highway, Suite 1
Southampton, MA 01073

Email: PPPB@town.southampton.ma.us

The PPP Board usually meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Town Hall 2nd floor meeting room. Please check the Town meeting calendar or call the Town Clerks office for PPP Board meetings. To request to be on the formal meeting agenda, contact the PPP Board Chair at the above email address.

General Responsibilities and Duties

The Personnel Policies and Procedures Board shall be responsible for the administration of the bylaw and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the bylaw.

The responsibilities of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Board shall be as follows:

To maintain an effective personnel system, monitor the effectiveness of rules, regulations, procedures and practices, and prepare an annual report.

To ensure that recruitment, selection, appointment, and removal of employees is consistent with the personnel bylaw and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the personnel bylaw.

To ensure that the town acts affirmatively in providing maximum opportunities to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, age, handicap, or other non-merit factors and with proper regard for privacy and constitutional rights for all positions and provide equal treatment in all aspects of personnel management.

To formulate and review the classification plan and the compensation plan.

To evaluate and classify positions and review requests for reclassification.

To maintain a centralized personnel record keeping system.


Personnel Policy and Procedure Board will hold a Public Meeting on Thursday June 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall (210 College Highway) 2nd floor meeting room to review the proposed Town of Southampton Personnel By-Law and Regulations.

Click here to download the proposed updates (highlighted)

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Upcoming Events
Tuesday, September 16
    • 5:30 pm : Finance Comm - Town Hall - 2nd fl
    • 6:00 pm : Local School Committee - Norris Library
Wednesday, September 17
    • 6:00 pm : Master Plan Implem Comm - 2nd fl
    • 6:00 pm : Planning Board Meeting 1st Fl. Mtg Rm. T.H.
Thursday, September 18
    • 6:30 pm : Public Safety Bldg Comm - Town Hall
    • 6:30 pm : Board of Water Commissioners - Town Garage
Friday, September 19
    • Town Hall Closed
Monday, September 22
    • 7:00 pm : Con-Com - 1st fl mtg rm
Tuesday, September 23
    • 6:00 pm : Various Town Offices Opened
Wednesday, September 24
    • 6:30 pm : Public Safety Bldg Comm - Town Hall
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